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Improve office flexibility, reduce your footprint

The role of the office changes. Nowadays employees commute their precious time between the office and home. The pandemic transformed the traditional office with fixed workplaces into a social hub where all great ideas grow. The open-plan office made room for co-working spaces within the office. This transformation requires you to change your perspective to arrange your office space differently. Did you know that you could reduce your office space needed for storage by up to 75%? This way we offer you a way to create the office of the future and reduce your company’s carbon footprint at the same time.

Multifunctional storage hub

Multifunctional Storage Hub

Traditionally different functions in the office like wardrobe, document storage, office supplies, personal belongings and printer area are spread out in different locations. With the usage of the office changing almost on a daily basis, what if you could combine all these functions in a central, compact unit? Imagine the amount of office space you save that can be used for interactive sessions and workplaces!

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Office design

Blending in with your office design

The office of today is more personalised than ever before and should actively support the wellbeing of the people using it. Therefore, the design and finishing of our office shelving is highly customisable to seamlessly fit into any office design and style and can be equipped with e.g. acoustic panels, improving the ambience and with that the wellbeing of those working in the office.   

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Who we are? We are

Who we are? We are:

  • Your guiding hand to help you maintain the office of the future
  • Your advisor in organising your office space in the best possible way
  • A collaborative partner during the whole process, from planning, to the design, installation and service
  • An advisor for your concerns regarding safety for your items and users
  • Your source of inspiration with over 100’s of projects in your field of expertise
  • The world’s most environmentally friendly provider of space creating solutions
  • That one resource in your project team that you can always call
Siemens, Denmark

Siemens, Denmark

New Siemens Office

Their new concept, “New Siemens Office”, asks for a different approach. During the first test employees are very happy with the new mobile offices.

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Thomas Sabo, Germany

Thomas Sabo, Germany

A futureproof HQ

Clean, modern and ready for the next level. Thanks to Bruynzeel’s solutions, the HQ has already been future-proofed for expected growth in the coming years.

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