Siemens, Denmark

Siemens, Denmark

Bruynzeel’s high density mobile shelving system, Compactus® Original, plays a vital role in the Siemens’ new concept called “New Siemens Office“. Here, all documentation is stored in centrally located office systems. Each department will have its own office archive.



The solution

The first high density mobile shelving system was delivered and installed for the HR department at Siemens’ Head Office. “This department is a test project for how we will organize all offices in the new Siemens headquarters,” says Project Manager Michael Gøtz. “The employees are very satisfied with the solution, and similar mobile office systems will be installed all over the new Siemens building.” Gøtz added: “In New Siemens Office the ‘clean desk policy‘ is an important element. Therefore the employees must be provided with optimum storage and plenty of possibilities for removing papers, binders etc. at the end of a working day. For the new concept the high density mobile shelving system will play a vital role. Each employee will have their allocated shelves for storage.”

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