Thomas sabo, germany

After more than 30 years in the business, German jewelry and watch company Thomas Sabo completed a move to its new headquarters in the Bavarian town of Lauf an der Pegnitz. The construction of the company’s HQ involved the consolidation of all its former sites into one location. The idea was to unite its facilities and buildings, to provide sufficient capacity for additional employees and thus the sustainable growth of the company.


Feel-good factor

This project was completed in collaboration with JB Architekten and bsk Büro- und Projekteinrichtung. The look and feel of the HQ was designed to reflect the vision and identity of the brand. Open and bright rooms create space for creativity. Two canteens with their own kitchen, as well as an in-house gym provide for a comfortable work environment. The entire building is heated by geothermal energy.


Storage solutions

For office storage, Bruynzeel supplied four manual office cabinets per table grouping. Each system can be closed into one block, with the respective elements having three compartments and thus providing sufficient storage space for 345 file folders. Two high density mobile archive systems with shelves and suspension pocket files were also installed in the basement. The high density mobile shelving systems were tailored to the space, paying particular attention to the technical installations in the ceiling area. The new archive offers room for over 6,000 files. Thanks to Bruynzeel’s storage solutions, the HQ has already been futureproofed for expected growth in the coming years.

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