Library shelving systems


Library shelving systems: combination of functionality and footprint reduction

The smell of books and turning a page in a quiet space where you can hear a pin drop is a magical feeling. However, the library of today is so much more than that! A vibrant place to gain, share and discuss knowledge and to be used for multiple purposes. Bruynzeel’s library shelves allow libraries to use their space smarter, without losing its charm by increasing the number of library shelves. 

Library shelves

More library shelves, more space for students 

With a growing number of students, universities and their libraries are always on the look-out for additional space. Thankfully, with library shelving systems you don’t need to say farewell to paperbacks to host more students. With our smart library storage solutions half the space is needed for library shelves thus creating space for additional study rooms. No need to extend your building. Sustainable, right?

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From library to event hall

Imagine a static library set-up in the morning, student project groups in the afternoon and a seminar in the evening, all happening in the same space. Bruynzeel’s space creating solutions are designed to facilitate these different uses of your library with a single press on a button, or a phone, whichever you prefer.

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Who we are? We are:

who we are? we are:

  • Your guiding hand to help you maintain the library of the future
  • Your advisor in organising your space in the best possible way
  • A collaborative partner during the whole process, from planning to design to installation and service
  • An advisor for your concerns regarding safety for your items and users
  • Your source of inspiration with over 70+ years' experience worldwide
  • The world’s most environmentally friendly provider of space creating solutions
  • That one resource in your project team that you can always call 
Book Tower Ghent

Book Tower, Belgium

The relocation of 3 million books

3 million books and other heritage items were relocated from the Book Tower Ghent to the new underground depot of the University Library of Ghent fitted out with Bruynzeel’s storage solutions.

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BBC Archive Centre Perivale, United Kingdom

BBC Archive Centre Perivale, United Kingdom

Over 85.000 shelves with historical documents

The BBC archive is a rich historical resource that can track the evolution of broadcasting in all types of documents. The new archive contains over 85.000 shelves delivered by Bruynzeel.

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