Creating space for a healthy planet


Our vision is to be the world leader in space creating solutions contributing to a sustainable planet. This is what we believe in and defines how we act, innovate and operate. Space is a scarce asset and therefore we dedicate ourselves to produce and provide space creating solutions that have a positive contribution to our planet.

We are climate neutral in our own operations


We are proud to have achieved the milestone of being climate neutral in our own operations (scope 1 & 2) according The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) over the years 2021, 2022 and 2023. We have been independently audited by Deloitte*. From 2023 onwards this also includes the Delta Designs operations.
We are climate neutral in our own operations (scope 1 & 2). Our accelerated ambition is to reach Net Zero by latest 2035, 15 years ahead of the Paris climate agreement and 10 years earlier than our previous commitment in 2021.
* Official Deloitte audit report available upon request.

How can we help our customers and partners?


Traditionally, storage is kept in static equipment alongside aisles. These aisles are needed to access any of the items in storage. In practise, the majority of this aisle spaceis empty at any given time. A waste of space! The concept of space creating storage solutions is based on the principle of a “flexible aisle”. By making the storage equipment movable, an aisle can be created where needed, using the remaining space purely for storage. When applying our DoubleDecker solution, we literally take this principle to the next level by adding a second tier to the solution.

By applying Bruynzeel’s space saving storage solutions, our customers achieve immediate physical footprint reduction up to 75% and additional utility (lighting, heating, cooling, cleaning) and unnecessary building materials savings.

Traditional storage
Traditional storage
> 50% of space not used for storage
Mobile storage
Mobile storage
Save 50% m2 space
Double Decker mobile storage
Double Decker mobile storage
Save 75% m2 space

In need for more space?

Optimizing existing floor space can reduce environmental impact by up to 90% versus new build!!

In case you need more space for students, increase stock levels in retail or find storage space for growing collections, regularly building extensions or complete new buildings are considered. Regularly the opportunity of optimizing existing floor space by over 50% is overlooked to solve these needs for additional space. Beside savings on investments, lead times for permits and building materials and required labor capacity, the CO2 impact that can be reduced over 20 years is significant….up to 90%!

A 20 years CO2 impact comparison PER m2


Initial impact
CO2 impact new construction per m2 source 400 kg CO2
Static storage solution per m2 source 107 kg CO2
Total * 507 kg CO2
Running impact
Energy (heating/cooling) per m2 p/year source 51.6 kg CO2
#Years 20
Total (over 20 Years) * 1,032 kg CO2
Total impact 1,539 kg CO2

Optimizing existing floor space 50%

Initial impact
Bruynzeel mobile storage solution per m2. source 309 kg CO2
Total * 309 kg CO2
Running impact
No additional m2 to Heat/Cool 0 kg CO2
Total impact 309 kg CO2
KG CO2 reduction optimizing existing space vs new-build 1,230 kg CO2
* Please note these figures represent an average indication. Exact figures may vary per country and project.

This is equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from:

256 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year
150 homes' energy use for one year
144,572,285 number of smartphones charged

A positive contribution to our planet

We apply best practises in energy and water stewardship, combined with great attention to material health. Our commitment is to continue to be the most sustainable producer in our industry, improving the planet and the wellbeing of every individual using our solutions.

We call this: creating space for a healthy planet.

Yearly saving

2,108,000 = 454 **
passenger cars drive for one year

Saving per shelf meter

1.41 kg = 172 **
smartphone charges

Yearly saving

9,652 m3

Yearly saving

25,097 m3
= drinking water for 34,380 people

Saving per shelf meter

16 L
= flushing the toilet 3 times

Yearly saving

15,216 L


What makes us unique in our industry is that we produce with unoiled and non-galvanised steel. By doing this we save*:

  • Yearly 2,108,000 kg CO2
  • Yearly 25,097 m3 drinking water
  • Yearly 96.52 m3 waste
  • Yearly 15,216 L chemicals

In additional we are now also able to offer Bruynzeel ‘GreenSteel’ which is steel that is certified and for which the CO2 saving is accounted for by the sum of CO2 savings made throughout the total production of steel by steel producers.

* Based on 2022 production volumes ** Source: Environmental Protection Agency

Steel Comparison


Steel containing a layer of zinc to protect against corrosion.

Steel *

Blank steel which has a layer of oil to protect corrosion during handling and production.


Blank steel with no oil added during the production.


GreenSteel with the lowest available CO2 impact through accredited certificates.

Greensteel 2.0

Fossil-free steel production based on using Hydrogen technology. Expected to be launched in between 2025-2030.

*Always powder coated as surface treatment

Switching to Bruynzeel GreenSteel can reduce CO2 Impact by >91%!

The majority of the industry still produces with galvanized and/or oiled steel. This used to be Bruynzeel standard as well before 2000. Modernizing our production facilities allowed us to pre-dominantly produce with unoiled non-galvanized steel, which has been Bruynzeel’s standard (>20% less CO2 impact versus Galvanized) for many years now. Now we want to make the next shift towards our new standard Bruynzeel GreenSteel (>91% less CO2 Impact versus Galvanized!)

Bruynzeel has started to use unoiled steel from 2000 onwards. We shifted from 100% oiled steel then to 80% unoiled and over 95% non-galvanized steel in 2022.

Our goal is to switch to 100% Bruynzeel GreenSteel by 2030.

CO2 Impact for 1m² mobile storage

Mobile storage
> Save 50% m2 space
Industry standard (Galvanized
381 KG CO2
Bruynzeel's standard (BRUYNZEEL
309 KG CO2
Bruynzeel's new standard (Bruynzeel
35 KG CO2

1,000 M2 mobile storage with
Bruynzeel greensteel reduces

346,000 KG CO2

impact versus
industry standard

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Trusted and leading partner

As the footprint reduction company you can rely on us being the most sustainable partner in the industry. We are ambitious in pushing the needle for ourselves and to raise the bar together with our suppliers, partners and customers!

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