Conserving the past, reducing your footprint


Conserving the past, reducing your footprint

What would the world be without its distinctive cultures, both in the past, the present and the future? Preserving the knowledge of the past in a world in which natural resources and space are scarce assets makes it vital to think about efficient use of every single square feet available. Did you know that you could reduce your collection storage space by up to 75%? Less space used for storage means more room for your collection, a decrease in costs per square feet and a substantial positive impact on your footprint.

Visible storage – open up!

Visible storage – open up! 

Typically up to 90% of a collection is stored in the depot. Smart space creating storage systems enable seamless integration of secure, sustainable storage with increased visibility of the collection.  A creative way to show more objects, enabling the public to also discover the hidden treasures of every collection.

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Centralized storage – knowledge combined

Centralised storage – knowledge combined

Multiple collections from different museums or institutes stored in one central facility? A perfect way to share value resources in collection management and to use space in the most efficient way. Our museum experts will be pleased to inspire you with projects implemented all over the world. 

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Who we are

Who are we? We are:

  • Your guiding hand during the design phase of your storage facility  
  • Helping our customers to audit their collections and organise their space and collection in the most optimised and mostsustainable way
  • A collaborative partner during the whole process, from planning to design to installation and service 
  • The missing link between your concerns and safe storage of knowledge and objects
  • Your source of inspiration with 100’s of projects installed globally 
  • The world’s most environmentally friendly provider of space creating solutions
  • That one resource in your project team you can always call 
Museum aan de Stroom (MAS), Belgium

Museum aan de Stroom (MAS), Belgium

Visible storage for the public in iconic museum

To create a visible storage archive for the Museum aan de Stroom (MAS), Bruynzeel installed a two-tier Double Decker mobile shelving system to make optimum use of the available space and define the restricted-access areas, reserved for staff.

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Sörmlands Museum, Nyköping Sweden

Sörmlands Museum, Nyköping Sweden

An open depot with unique storytelling

The story, the visibility of the collection and the demand for change have also placed new demands on the interior of the museum. Many new storage solutions have been created especially for the Sörmland Museum.

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