Artwork Cabinets

Artwork Cabinets

Keep your precious artwork collection securely stored. Our Sysco® cabinets are based on our Sysco® shelving system. Take a look which cabinets could solve your storage challenge. Museum storage cabinets provide the perfect storage solution for displaying and protecting valuable items, ensuring their preservation for future generations to come. Museum display cabinets offer a great way to showcase valuable items, and can be customized to fit the needs of any space or collection.


Secure storage

The cabinets can be delivered with a lock and key for security purposes. Extra keys for multiple users can be supplied.

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Product lifespan

Our coating process guarantees 100% powder coated shelves. This protects the shelving from wear and tear.

Aesthetically pleasing design

With a wide variety of different wood-, steel- and glass designs our doors can create a cabinet design that fits your decor.



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