Library shelving

Library shelving

Sysco® shelving is suitable for storing your books, documents and other collection items. Our shelving system is highly adaptable in size, shape, interior, making it useful in any situation. Compact library shelving is an effective way of maximizing space and improving the organization system in a library without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal or functionality. Library shelving solutions provide an efficient and organized way to store and access your books and resources, ensuring that your library is always in order. Find out more about library shelving.


Modular shelving

Our highly configurable system is designed for flexibility and expansion. Whether you need specific dimensions, ability to adjust compartment heights, add doors or accessories, the Sysco® shelving system is there to serve your specific needs.

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Brace beam for stability

All shelving systems need bracing for stability. Sysco® Library eliminates unsightly cross bracing and replaces it with an elegantly designed brace beam.


Aesthetically pleasing design

Our shelving is 100% powder coated and available with closed, open, slotted or perforated uprights. We offer 13 standard RAL colors and, on request, every other RAL color is available. 



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