About Bruynzeel



Our vision is to be the world leader in space creating solutions that contribute to a sustainable planet. We dedicate ourselves to help organisations worldwide to use space in the most efficient and effective way. As the "footprint reduction company" we achieve this by providing space creating solutions that contribute to a sustainable planet. We call this: creating space for a healthy planet. 

We are climate neutral in our own operations (scope 1 & 2) and committed to reach net zero (scope 3) by latest 2045

Mobile Wooden Shelving

our history

In 1897, at the age of 22, Cornelius Bruynzeel Sr. founded the Arend (Eagle), a steam powered joinery business in Rotterdam, which was renamed to Bruynzeel in 1920. Our experience with storage solutions started in 1953, when Bruynzeel started providing wooden shelving systems. In 1970 the first steel mobile shelving systems were developed and successfully introduced to the market, unlocking a new era in possibilities to help our customers in utilising space and preserving their valuable documents and collections.


innovative and space creating solutions

Nowadays Bruynzeel is the market leader in Europe for innovative and space creating solutions. It is Bruynzeel’s mission to support companies worldwide in reducing their CO2 footprint by using Bruynzeel space creating solutions. Only Bruynzeel can deliver solutions globally that combine the highest footprint reduction with the most innovative functionality and advanced safety for users and objects. 

how we do it