Newspaper Archive Lund, Sweden 

A former warehouse for storing medicines was taken over by Lund University in the spring of 2018, when parts of their previous depository for newspapers were judged to be in poor conditions. This warehouse has now become a huge newspaper archive consisting of 32.409 shelves or 25.930 shelf meters.


Years-old newspapers

According to the Swedish law on compulsory copies of documents (SFS 1993: 1392), the Royal Library (KB) has the right to receive two copies and Lund University Library one copy of each daily newspaper published in Sweden. The submitted material must be saved and preserved so that future generations can take part of the information. The newspapers dates back to the 1820s. About 3 million newspapers are stored in Lund.


The high-density mobile shelving system fits our needs and our collection of newspapers with its future growth. The manually operated systems works well and are easy to use for our employees. A manually driven high-density mobile shelving system incl. mezzanine is both surface efficient and reliable.

Mathias Dowler, Curator, University Library, Department of Staff and Administration, Lund University


High-density mobile shelving systems

Bruynzeel has delivered and assembled manually driven high-density mobile shelving solutions, Compactus® Original XTR. The room has a floor area of ​​1.700m2 and a height of about 7m to the ceiling beam. Lund University wanted to make optimal use of the premises, which resulted in a high-density mobile shelving system on the ground floor with a cantilevered mezzanine, and with a free-standing high-density mobile shelving system on top of the mezzanine. All shelving systems are operated with a hand crank and are fireproof classified for up to 30 minutes. We have also delivered the mezzanine, railings, stairs and lifts.

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