Louvre Conservation Centre


The new Louvre Conservation Centre, which is located across from the museum Louvre-Lens, was officially opened at the end of 2019, in attendance of the French minister of Culture, Franck Riester. The new, 18.500 m2 large building, of which 10.000 m2 is storage space, stores 250.000 artworks from the Louvre art collection.

Louvre Conservation Centre

Louvre art storage

The Louvre Conservation Centre allocates the art collection of the Louvre Museum, located in the heart of Paris. Until recently this collection was stored in about 60 depots across the region of Paris. A lot of these storage spaces were located in locations which regularly had flooding’s, which of course is disastrous for historic artwork. Currently the art collection is stored centrally in the Louvre Conservation Centre. 

This building enables us to preserve the heritage of humanity in good conditions on the long term

Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, France

Louvre Conservation Centre

Stored in the best conditions

As museum expert, Bruynzeel contributed to the design of the new depot. Were we among others have installed:

  • Static shelving
  • Mobile shelving
  • Static art racks
  • Mobile art racks
  • Mobile pallet racking

    By utilizing extra high movable solutions, the space is optimally used. With our space creating solutions the collection is stored in the best conditions. 

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