Karltex.se, SWEDEN

Karltex.se was located in a beautiful old building in the center of Gothenburg. Karltex.se decided to move to another building in the city center. The new store had the same central location and the same amount of square meters as the old building, but Karltex.se wanted to maximize the sales area.


Inconspicuously extend the warehouse to the sales area

Karltex.se’s interior designer ended up at Bruynzeel. The final solution was a practical storage solution where the warehouse could be unobtrusively extended to the sales area. Due to the matte black finish, the mobile storage system is harmoniously integrated with the shop interior. The mirrors create a spatial effect, making the space seem larger than it actually is.

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Mobile storage solution

A mobile storage system requires only one access path, which practically doubles the warehouse space compared to traditional warehouse racks. Karltex.se has already experienced that efficient use of space and accessibility for employees and customers go well together. Increased inventory also reduced ‘no’ sales.

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