Greif Inkasso

Greif Inkasso, Germany

A healthy working environment and sustainability in focus for the innovative BOB (Balanced Office Building) with approximately 2,800 m² of new work environment for Greif Inkasso GmbH. The special office building in Dachau (Germany) is the most energy efficient office building in Bavaria.  

Greif Inkasso

Sustainable storage

Balanced Office Building is characterized by an excellent indoor climate, very low ancillary costs and, despite its powerful cooling system, also the lowest possible energy costs. Sustainability is one of the most important factors for Greif Inkasso. Since Bruynzeel is heavily investing in sustainability, with best practices in energy and water stewardship, combined with great attention to material health. That was one of the reasons that Grief inkasso decided to choose Bruynzeel as their archive supplier. 

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With the BOB concept we can implement our wishes and ideas for healthy, communicative and future-proof work and thus optimally serve our customers.

Stephan Jender, Managing director Greif Inkasso

Greif Inkasso

Well-organized archive

Bruynzeel installed Sysco® static archive systems to efficiently archive the large number of files. By using static shelving, all files are immediately accessible to all employees. The new, dynamic archive has become a well-organized storage area.

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