Friesland Collection Centre


One significant milestone has been the construction of Friesland Collection Centre, which opened on 12 May 2016 after a 10-month construction period. The centre houses the collections of five regional museums under one roof: the Friesland Museum; Tresoar (Friesian History and Literature Centre); Friesland Museum of Natural History; Friesian Maritime Museum; and Frysk Lânbou Museum (Friesian Agricultural Museum).

The five museums were struggling with high storage costs for their collections and inefficient logistics due to the location and fragmentation of storage areas. Centralizing all the depots in a new building developed with attention to sustainability offered an interesting solution.

Friesland Collections Center

A special storage concept 

Collections are grouped based on their material makeup and storage requirements, rather than their source (or ‘ownership’) to optimise storage conditions. Metal objects are stored with other metal objects, paintings with paintings and so on. As a result, the collections from different museums are combined and the space is utilised more effectively. Arranging the collections in this way has resulted in a space reduction of 40%. The different items are marked with barcodes, so everything can be found easily.

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Friesland Collection Center

Space creating solutions 

The efficient deployment of the available depot space was realized not only through mixed storage. The use of Bruynzeel’s space creating solutions also played a major role. Installing Double Decker systems was the biggest space creating solution. Double Deckers are mobile shelving systems with an integrated storey. When moving the system the shelves on the upperfloor move together with the shelves on the groundfloor.

Bruynzeel delivered 16 km shelves and more than 2,400 (various sized) drawers, 2 km textile storage, 2,600 m² picture racking and 2,000 m² storage for large objects.  

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