Champerché, France

Bruynzeel supplies the French company Champerché with mobile storage systems for the cultivation of vegetables in vacant buildings. It concerns a former parking garage of 1.300m2 in a western suburb of Paris (Sartrouville). Aromatic herbs, vegetables and fruit are grown here. Vertical farming makes it possible to grow almost any type of crop indoors, anywhere in the world. The long-term goal is to help the Paris region become self-sufficient by growing high-quality fresh food that is sustainably grown. 


Vertical farming promising

Cultivation of crops in buildings and in several layers one above the other is also known as vertical farming. In this way, 90% less water and much less land area is needed (10-20x less) than with traditional agriculture. Champerché is a French company that has been focusing on urban agriculture through vertical farming since its foundation in 2017. Bruynzeel supplies Champerché with the storage systems for the stackable and portable hydroponic systems. The use of mobile racks guarantees a higher yield per m². These systems are designed specifically to accommodate the plants, water and ventilation systems.



Efficient use of space

Growing crops in several layers one above the other in buildings allows sustainable, efficient and fully controlled cultivation. In many cities, many commercial buildings and offices are empty. Utilizing these buildings through vertical farming creates a safe, healthy and sustainable way to provide the rapidly growing population of cities with locally produced fresh food. Bruynzeel would like to contribute with our systems to the rapid growth of this form of local and sustainable horticulture by heavily reducing the footprint. At Bruynzeel we call this “Creating space for a healthy planet.”


The main challenge in urban AgTech is to optimize the very small spaces available. Using modular stackable and movable hydroponic systems is the best solution to ensure high yield.

Managing Director, Champerché


Storage systems excellently usable for vertical farming

Due to their robustness and efficient use of space, Bruynzeel’s systems are ideally suited for vertical farming. By adding mesh shelves, LED lighting and a water distribution system to a mobile storage system, the vertical farming systems can be made operational quickly at relatively low costs. The use of movable storage systems in a conditioned space is essential for a high yield per m².

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