New product release: Safety Master

New product release: Safety Master

According to the dictionary, safety means: being safe, bringing something to safety. This is very important to us at Bruynzeel. We feel responsible for protecting users and the items stored in our systems. That is why we developed our Safety Master. A safety system that ensures the best safety of the users and the stored objects.

“Protecting our customers most valuable assets is key at Bruynzeel! Our electronically mobile storage systems already have various safety systems, but we wanted the best possible protection for both the user and the objects that are stored in our systems. That way, no one ever has to wonder if something can go wrong”, says Roland van der Velden, Innovation Manager at Bruynzeel. 

Our mobile storage systems are characterized by their space-saving feature. The system only needs one aisle to give access to users. The cabinets are moved electronically as soon as someone wants to open another aisle. Thanks to this type of system, twice as much cabinets can be placed in a storage room or depot compared to standard racks.

The Safety Master has been developed to guarantee the safety of the users and to ensure that objects do not get damaged when an open aisle is closed.

Automatic safety system

“The Safety Master is an automatic safety system. This means that, no personal action is required to start the safety check. As soon as someone wants to open another aisle, the Safety Master checks whether there are people or objects in the open aisle. If that is the case, the Safety Master blocks all movements of the system, ”says van der Velden. “Because the Safety Master can protect the entire aisle, this system is unique in the market. Offering users and objects the best possible safety, we are convinced that this safety system should be the standard in the market.”

Additional lighting function

Van der Velden continues: “In addition to the safety function of the Safety Master, it also has an energy-saving light control function. The lighting of the system no longer has to be switched on all day. In this case, the lighting in the storage system is switched off. As soon as someone enters an open aisle, the Safety Master ensures that the light in this aisle switches on. As long as the Safety Master detects a person in the aisle, the light will remain on. If the aisle is empty, the system switches off the light after a certain time. This way we kill two birds with one stone: a safety function with an energy-saving light control function.”