Collaboration is key: Valuable lessons from Indoor Ag-Con


The Indoor Ag-Con event in Las Vegas was a great success this year, with industry professionals coming together to share information, discuss collaboration and seek new opportunities. The main theme throughout the entire event was the importance of collaboration.

Indoor Ag-Con

Indoor Ag-Con is the premier event for indoor and vertical farming professionals in the United States. It is a trade show and conference that showcases the latest technologies and innovations related to controlled environment agriculture. This year, the exhibitor floor was filled with over 140 companies, ready to show off their products and services. With more than 1000 visitors in attendance, the pathways were filled with exciting conversations and activities.

Indoor Ag-Con

Collaboration  vertical farming

Collaboration is the key to success

The concept of collaboration has become increasingly important in the world of vertical farming. 2022 has taught the industry a valuable lesson. The general consensus was that in order to be successful, companies should focus on their core competencies and collaborate with other businesses to form a comprehensive strategy with a strong foundation.

A successful event such as Indoor Ag-Con furthers the growth and development of vertical farming, and demonstrates the value that collaboration can bring to this sector. Bruynzeel is proud to be a part of this collaborative effort. By collaborating with the industries finest we will provide our customers with the best possible solutions for their vertical farms. 

If you are interested in a collaboration, contact our vertical farming expert. 

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