Bruynzeel Launches Control Master App for Storage System

Bruynzeel Launches Control Master App for Storage System

Bruynzeel, a world renowned storage solutions producer, launches a Remote Control app for their electronically movable storage systems, Compactus® Dynamic II.

The new Dynamic II Control Master app, available on IOS and Android, gives the users the possibility to open the desired aisle by remotely operating the Compactus® Dynamic II mobile storage systems. Multiple systems can be connected together to form one depot, to allow easy operation with the Dynamic II Control Master app. Advanced safety features like photocells and the all new Safety Master keep users and inventory safe.

“We always want to add value to our customers’ working processes. By remotely operating our Compactus® Dynamic II storage systems the user saves waiting time and optimises the workflow,” said Roland van der Velden, Innovation Manager at Bruynzeel. 

To optimise “collect & return” processes, the Dynamic II Control Master app includes an inventory system.

  • Assign inventory to each side of the aisle;
  • View the inventory per aisle;
  • Search for inventory using keywords, find and open the correct aisle.

Using your own smart device to control a system also has hygienic advantages. Combined with our unequalled safety systems, we are providing customers with the safest storage solutions on the market.

Roland van der velden, Innovation Manager at Bruynzeel