Urban living

Urban living

Live smarter, reduce your footprint

Over three million people move to cities each week and urbanisation is expected to grow from 3,9 billion to 6,4 billion by 2050*. One of the key questions that arises is: “Where are all these people going to live?” In a world in which natural resources and space are scarce assets it is important to think about efficient use of every single m2 available. That is why we created smart urban living solutions that decrease your footprint whilst ensuring maximum living comfort.

* https://www.aa.com.tr/en/life/iom-over-3-million-people-move-to-cities-every-week/456734

Urban living

Hidden treasures! 

Did you ever think about the amount of unused space your bedroom actually is occupying during the day? Or your living room, when you are sleeping? Or even your kitchen, when you’re watching a movie. Bruynzeel has developed a flexible platform that can be used to combine different urban living functions to what you need, whenever you need it or keep it away as a hidden resource. 

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Urban living

Your urban living solution, your choice

Together with different architect firms we have developed multiple concepts for urban living over the years and we invite you to get in touch and brainstorm about your idea. Whether you are a designer, architect, consultant, shopfitter or contractor, we are happy to help!  

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Who we are? We are:

Who we are? we are:

  • Your partner in developing small to large scale smart urban living concepts
  • The most experienced manufacturer of electronic movable systems with a global network
  • Your source of inspiration with over 70 years of space creating experience
  • The world’s most environmentally friendly provider of space creating solutions
  • That one resource in your project team you can always call 
Tiny housing, Sweden

Tiny housing, Sweden

Compact living without compromising comfort

Bruynzeel has produced an innovative movable furniture wall. All companies contributed with their expertise in this project. Tengbom contributed with the design and Bruynzeel developed and produced the flexible furniture wall.

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